Love is in the Air

28 05 2007

I’m in love!

I’m in love!

I’m in love!

I am hoping with all my heart that this works out. I have begun imagining how wonderful our days will be together. I know that life will be brighter and happier if we were beside each other.

I am praying so hard that this turns out well because if it doesn’t I’m sure it will go down in my life’s story as one of the greatest heartbreaks of all time.

Pray for me. Pray real hard.

Of course you do know that I’m talking about an apartment right?

We have finally found what we’ve long been looking for. It’s true what they say about real love, you will know the minute you see it.

That apartment is ours. It’s large, bright and airy. The many windows and high ceilings make you feel like you’re inside a rustic beach house. It makes my heart leap, giddy with joy. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face. And to top it all off, it’s in the same suburb as where we are now.

It satisfied all the items in our priority list save one, which was really minute, and fairly easy to compromise on. It’s not a new unit, the structure shows signs of aging but it has a lot of character and I am head over heels in love with it (hmm is this a revelation of my taste in men? hahaha).

We immediately lodged an application and put up an offer a couple of hours after the inspection.

Now we’re praying every five minutes that we get that apartment.




9 responses

30 05 2007

aww i didn’t think you were talking about your dream apartment after the first few lines! grrr…hehe pero i’m happy happy happy for you! i feel another house warming party soon! 🙂

30 05 2007

i thought you were talking about… 🙂 partey! partey! partey!

3 06 2007

danm it…kala ko totots na… sigh…maybe in some future post perhaps?

3 06 2007

danm it…kala ko totots na… sigh…maybe in some future post perhaps?
but thank god you found your dream place and hope hope hope you guys get it. will be praying for this then…

4 06 2007

akala ko rin totoo. na-excite pa naman ako! haha

5 06 2007

whoa! i didn’t know a lot of you were going to be fooled by the first half of this post hehehe. even my own flatmate thought i was in love with a guy haha.

nani, keep praying, our application’s still pending. =)

8 06 2007
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9 06 2007

Anak ng dre! Akala ko ba naman may bonjing involved d2.. drat! 🙂

Pictures!!!!! if you do get it 🙂

4 07 2007
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