Unang Anibersaryo

13 06 2007

Last Monday marked the first year of my moving here in Melbourne.  I texted the most important people in my life as early as Sunday to let them know what the day meant.

It’s been a very interesting ride.  And I don’t blame myself for not anticipating most of the challenges of the past year.

I think the reason why I found this adventure so difficult to conquer was because I was foolish to want to conquer it in the first place.  I refused to let it change me.  Now that I’m slowly learning to accept what it represents and the way it has altered my life, I feel more comfortable and bolder.

The process I went through was definitely uncomfortable, and painful at worst, but there was no other way to it.  There are some events which transpired that I sometimes wish never happened at all, because they left a mark on me.  A mark which still makes me cower in fear or insecurity sometimes.  But I can’t erase them even though I still continually process them to see the wisdom in each.

One year after, I’m at that point again, so many changes coming my way in a few weeks.  I’ve accepted a job offer for a permanent position in another company and am moving to a new house.  I know this new job and environment are no guarantee that work life will be better, but at least I’ll be armed with a more grounded view.  And one thing I’ve proven the past year is that, things always get better, they’re bound to eventually, no matter how long the misfortune lasts.


At Last

13 06 2007

To everyone who threw good luck my way, thank you very much. Looks like your prayers and good wishes worked because we got the house ;P. Oh yes we got the house =).

I was salvaged from one major heartbreak. I’m so in love with the place it’s hard to describe the feeling. I just feel so at home inside it and the smell of the staircase going up reminds me of my nana’s house, a mixture of ylangylang and wood.

The long weekend was spent furniture shopping. We’ve got all the basics covered; beds, a sofa, an entertainment unit, a trunk to use as coffee table, a console table, a dining table, two dining chairs (we’re planning to scour second-hand shops to get the rest), a shoe cabinet, several bar stools, a bookcase, washer, dryer and fridge. All the furniture are made of wood because we wanted to stick with a rustic beach house theme. It’s been costly but it’s worth it. I haven’t seen the furniture in place yet because most of them will only be delivered this weekend but I can already imagine how they’ll all look together.

I love decorating it, I feel like I’m living out my interior designer dreams by furnishing this new house. And yes, I revere it that much that I won’t ever call it just an “apartment” but a “house.” A proper house.

Some people may consider buying a car, traveling abroad, renovating their bathroom (seriously!) or buying a piece of land as their first real grown-up achievement in life. Furnishing this house and designing it is mine. With heaps of help from Melanie of course.