At Last

13 06 2007

To everyone who threw good luck my way, thank you very much. Looks like your prayers and good wishes worked because we got the house ;P. Oh yes we got the house =).

I was salvaged from one major heartbreak. I’m so in love with the place it’s hard to describe the feeling. I just feel so at home inside it and the smell of the staircase going up reminds me of my nana’s house, a mixture of ylangylang and wood.

The long weekend was spent furniture shopping. We’ve got all the basics covered; beds, a sofa, an entertainment unit, a trunk to use as coffee table, a console table, a dining table, two dining chairs (we’re planning to scour second-hand shops to get the rest), a shoe cabinet, several bar stools, a bookcase, washer, dryer and fridge. All the furniture are made of wood because we wanted to stick with a rustic beach house theme. It’s been costly but it’s worth it. I haven’t seen the furniture in place yet because most of them will only be delivered this weekend but I can already imagine how they’ll all look together.

I love decorating it, I feel like I’m living out my interior designer dreams by furnishing this new house. And yes, I revere it that much that I won’t ever call it just an “apartment” but a “house.” A proper house.

Some people may consider buying a car, traveling abroad, renovating their bathroom (seriously!) or buying a piece of land as their first real grown-up achievement in life. Furnishing this house and designing it is mine. With heaps of help from Melanie of course.




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