Unang Anibersaryo

13 06 2007

Last Monday marked the first year of my moving here in Melbourne.  I texted the most important people in my life as early as Sunday to let them know what the day meant.

It’s been a very interesting ride.  And I don’t blame myself for not anticipating most of the challenges of the past year.

I think the reason why I found this adventure so difficult to conquer was because I was foolish to want to conquer it in the first place.  I refused to let it change me.  Now that I’m slowly learning to accept what it represents and the way it has altered my life, I feel more comfortable and bolder.

The process I went through was definitely uncomfortable, and painful at worst, but there was no other way to it.  There are some events which transpired that I sometimes wish never happened at all, because they left a mark on me.  A mark which still makes me cower in fear or insecurity sometimes.  But I can’t erase them even though I still continually process them to see the wisdom in each.

One year after, I’m at that point again, so many changes coming my way in a few weeks.  I’ve accepted a job offer for a permanent position in another company and am moving to a new house.  I know this new job and environment are no guarantee that work life will be better, but at least I’ll be armed with a more grounded view.  And one thing I’ve proven the past year is that, things always get better, they’re bound to eventually, no matter how long the misfortune lasts.




6 responses

14 06 2007

awww happy anniversary shapor! grabe it’s been a year! 🙂

happy about your new apartment, and your new job! hope hope hope to see you soon! 🙂

19 06 2007

congratulations on getting the house. gosh, it’s actually been a year? looking forward to pics soon, when you get settled in.

19 06 2007

congrats! grabe, it’s been a year! ang bilis noh. 🙂

20 06 2007

happy anniversary dyan porsh! 😀

congrats din sa new place at new job. does that mean we won’t be seeing you this july?

20 06 2007

Hi Porsha! Oo nga, it’s been a year! Enjoy the everydays! 🙂 There’s not much else but today! 🙂

Pag uwi mo kitakits tayo!

24 06 2007

one year na ba??? ang bilis… gosh, time flies so fast… 🙂
i am happy for you my dear 😉

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