20 07 2007

The rest is here.



18 07 2007

Yehey! Two of my photos are included in the third edition of the Schmap Melbourne Guide. I honestly never heard of this great digital travel guide until the managing editor left me a message at flickr requesting me to submit three photos from my stream. It’s a good site for keen travelers, check out their article on the Scienceworks Museum along with my photos here and here.

It’s always a pleasant surprise when photos which I don’t think people will appreciate get noticed, when I told D about how this always happens he told me that it means i should take more thoughtless photos. A real charmer, I know.

In Between

11 07 2007

Oh hey I finally uploaded a new photo to flickr. This photo is part of a prenup shoot I did for Ariz and Roch. It was a fun and relaxed shoot because the two were game for anything and of course the fact that we were friends and comfortable around each other didn’t hurt either.

I am currently on a two-week break because my contract finished last friday and I’m not set to start on my new job until the 23rd of this month. People have been pushing me to go on a trip but I don’t feel compelled to go on any holiday. What I really need is a healthy dose of alone time and it isn’t so hard to come by these days. I busy myself with the tons of photos I’ve accumulated the past months and with prettifying the house. I play a tiny bit of domestic goddess to Melanie and D but I draw the line at cooking, definitely no ironing and doing laundry for other people.

We’re starting soccer training this thursday and so I have something to look forward to each week for a month.

About a house and a boy

4 07 2007

We’re finally settled in at the new place. Melanie and I celebrated our first night at the new house with a bottle of chardonnay and Voltron but I slept through most of the episodes because of exhaustion. I’m still very much in love with the house and I’ve developed this bad habit of getting up late in the morning so I can be alone and stare at it for a long time before getting dressed for work.

And hmmm, I feel uncomfortable about writing this because I deem it very personal, but for those who got duped by this entry, you can try reading it again, this time imagining an actual human being instead of a house. And replacing the word “love” with “lust.” Haha, I’m kidding… I think. As expected, my parents’ reaction were hilarious, bordering on denial…

Me: Mom I’m seeing someone now… I have a boyfriend now.
Pharida: What, you’re resigning from work?
Me: No, I said boyfriend.
Pharida: Is he Filipino?
Me: No.
Pharida: Does he have Filipino lineage?
Me: No.
Pharida: (Long sigh. Long silence). Hay anak, be careful ha.

He’s a great guy who can cook bolognese from scratch. He has enough patience in him to buy me a pack of unscented dove moisturizing soap and best of all, he knows the song “Come on Eileen!”
And no matter how much he argues this fact; I made the first move. No day but today people.

And oh, his name’s Daniel.