Sick but not Miserable

9 08 2007

The good thing about being sick and stuck at home is that I have time to indulge in photography (by taking free tutorials online and prepping photos) and reading. The not so good thing about being sick and staying home is that going out of the house means staying within a 10 meter radius so my day’s activities consist of dropping letters in the mailbox, taking out the trash and updating my myer one and flybuys postal address on the internet. And another that is definitely not a good thing is paying $50 for a doctor to tell me something that my mother could have told me, but she’s a doctor too so I have high expectations hehe.

The good thing about being a permanent employee and being sick is that you still get paid and really, company benefits such as paid sick leaves should be used and not saved in exchange for a bonus. That’s my opinion. The only worst thing I can think of about being sick is not being able to go to soccer training, but it’s not as devastating as it sounds because we’re going to start on another round in a fortnight anyway. And the involuntary crunches I do when I cough like crazy can substitute for my weekly exercise routine.

The best thing about getting sick this week of all weeks is that I’ve only got three nights to go until I see D again. Happy-happy, joy-joy. I know I’m incoherent but I’m sick so I’m entitled to be.

And I don’t mind being home alone, especially in the mornings. Tahimik tapos ang naririnig ko lang yung nagkakarpintero sa kapitbahay.  Kulang na lang may mamang sumisigaw ng TAHO, TAHO sa labas, para na ulit akong nasa Pilipinas.




One response

26 08 2007

Aha… D ka dyan.. pictures niyo naman dyan… tarajing-fot-fot 🙂

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