Welcome to the loony bin

28 09 2007

I have been slightly loony the past couple of days because of the fact that I have not done any productive work for almost two months now. Several questions are playing in my head at the moment and I’m counting on my US training for salvation. They can work me to death and I won’t complain, god knows I’ve been itching to be a corporate slave again , if only to salvage my sanity (I can’t believe I actually said that – am I now fully alienated and co-opted by the machine? – yes Portia and you will work until the day you die with no real sense of fulfillment bwahahaha).

I guess I could say that things are starting to look up, if my approved visa this morning is any indication. If I were callous and if I didn’t need a working visa to stay in this country, I would have seriously considered moving to another company but I don’t have the luxury to be flighty and, call it naive if you want, but I still believe things will get better. Repeat after me, things will get better, things will get better, things will get better.


On a different note, did you know that the doctor who discovered the vaccine for cervical cancer is Australian? So that’s why women living here who have Medicare can get the vaccine for free, well for a limited time… Ang swerte! Because I don’t have Medicare cover, I will have to shell out around $450 if I want it, expensive but one of my best friends said it’s a worthwhile investment. Why am I talking about this? I don’t know except that I realized most of my female friends read this blog and reproductive health isn’t such a hot topic back home in Pinas. Anyway, ang masasabi ko lang pap smear! And read up on it! Amen.


Stardusting and going green

26 09 2007

Last night, we saw the film adaptation of my favorite book in the entire universe; STARDUST by Neil Gaiman. It was enjoyable and good by itself, of course as expected, there are disappointments when you compare it with the book. I promised I would lower my expectations when I see it but what do you know, I couldn’t help it. I guess I was a bit extreme, even going to the length of reading the book again and dog-earing the pages with important details so I can check the movie for accuracy haha. But, but as I’ve said, taken and seen by itself, it is a relatively nice movie, so please go watch it, especially if you’ve been feeling under the weather these days. Or better yet, read the book for a richer experience =)

And off topic, just in case anyone is interested in going greener in terms of lifestyle, I found some helpful websites; here’s one to calculate your impact in terms of carbon emissions, and this gives tips on every aspect of your life, there’s even a portion on how to go green in your sex life harharhar. If you’re in Australia, this gives reviews of the alternative energy sources offered by electricity companies. Enjoy! And turn the tips into practice, it isn’t painful at all, I promise.


25 09 2007


20 09 2007


I have finally discovered a very efficient way to plow through all my photos and decide which one is the keeper and which one isn’t. From now on, if I find that the image doesn’t move me, then it goes straight to the recycling bin… might be useful in filtering out the noises in one’s life as well.

And hooray for my first photography project! It’s a fairly easy one but it took me months to put it together. I call it the apartment project because it’s a collection of the different images I’ve taken inside my crib and so far I’ve only got two photos in it haha, well for now I’ll just celebrate the fact that I’ve created its own set in flickr and have filled it with two images. It’ll grow soon enough. Check it out, don’t worry it won’t eat up so much of your time, only two images remember? Hehe.


Asong Ulul

10 09 2007

Pardon me for the title.

Yesterday Marlon, Tin and myself went on a photo shoot  to cover the newly installed art works for the Laneway Commissions 2007.  This particular photo is of the Gates of Hell art installation by Heather B. Swan.  At first glance the photo is disturbing and aggressive, but strangely, despite its frightening form it draws you and entices you to come closer and touch it.

The way I read this piece is that it pushes you to get involved in matters that really move you and asks you to refrain from leading a life of mediocrity.  So that whenever you are asked why you’re leading the life you are in now, you will have a reason more substantial than saying you chose this path because it is comfortable.

Wow lalim men.  Haha.

The Dynamics of Families and Friends

8 09 2007


I couldn’t really think of an appropriate title so I thought I’d go with something which sounds social theory-esque hahaha. Just for kicks.

Last weekend I flew to Adelaide to visit D and finally meet his Mum in person, we’ve chatted on the phone several times and I had already met his Dad over dinner last month.

The days leading up to the meeting were quite nerve-wracking but all my fears were put aside the minute I met her, she’s very gentle and genuine and made me feel so welcome, his entire family did actually. It was wonderful to be part of a family again (haha assuming!) and I suddenly missed my parents, our house and our clan get- togethers.  The weekend made me think back to the days before I moved to Melbourne and how I feared being uprooted and starting over without my family to take care of me. Somehow it gave me a better perspective on D’s planned move here and what he’ll be giving up when it happens.

I am lucky I wound up with a great bunch of people here who are not only my friends and but are also my cocoon during rough times. Hay.

Posting D’s photo here is a really big step so take it easy with the comments alright? He says he looks stupid in this one but it was either this or the photo of the cows. And that title paired with a photo of cows would have made the post completely disjointed.

Spring has sprung!

7 09 2007