Hens and Etc

3 09 2007

I edited this post because it was too neutral, and neutral is so convenient and boring. i think we all took away something from that night, especially since the oracle and tarot readings were quite intriguing and confrontational. my card basically said i should learn to laugh at life which was pretty timely since i’ve been uptight the past few months.

I’m into my second month at my new job now, and things have been uneventful but as people around me have been saying, i am very lucky and i should not complain. i’ll take the easy route and take their advice and just grin and bear it. i’m lucky, i’m lucky, i’m lucky. maybe the more i say it, the less i’ll resist the thought. But then again, other people’s worse problems should not make my issues less legitimate.

I may be going to Minneapolis in a month to do several weeks of training, of course i’m excited at the prospect of exploring a new country but i’m also scared thinking about how i’ll be able to take care of people and things i’m leaving temporarily. My Mum’s planned vacation here has been pushed back six months because of this and because I convinced her that autumn is the best time to visit Melbourne.

And lastly, I now have a newfound respect for people in long-distance relationships, I’m willing to pay for a couple of tutorial sessions with demos if any of you are interested.




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5 09 2007

wow! exciting naman. you’re going to minneapolis. iba ka na madz! you’re really going places.

In case i remember someone who’s into long-distance relationship, i can ask them to give you lessons for free. hehe.

our dumaguete trip was super fun! i’ll send you the link when i have all pictures posted. 😀

6 09 2007

shapor! natawa ko sa “newfound respect for people in long-distance relationships” hehe! don’t cha worry, super fast lang ng 1 month. you can do it! 🙂

8 09 2007

ai – hindi naman iba, nagkataon lang na kailangan ko talaga ng training haha. hay sana nakasama ako sa dumaguete, ang ganda dun no? ang hirap na umalis pagkatapos mo magstay dun hehehe.

sarahpee – yeah tingin ko im getting the hang of it, nag-improve na nga raw ako haha.

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