The Dynamics of Families and Friends

8 09 2007


I couldn’t really think of an appropriate title so I thought I’d go with something which sounds social theory-esque hahaha. Just for kicks.

Last weekend I flew to Adelaide to visit D and finally meet his Mum in person, we’ve chatted on the phone several times and I had already met his Dad over dinner last month.

The days leading up to the meeting were quite nerve-wracking but all my fears were put aside the minute I met her, she’s very gentle and genuine and made me feel so welcome, his entire family did actually. It was wonderful to be part of a family again (haha assuming!) and I suddenly missed my parents, our house and our clan get- togethers.  The weekend made me think back to the days before I moved to Melbourne and how I feared being uprooted and starting over without my family to take care of me. Somehow it gave me a better perspective on D’s planned move here and what he’ll be giving up when it happens.

I am lucky I wound up with a great bunch of people here who are not only my friends and but are also my cocoon during rough times. Hay.

Posting D’s photo here is a really big step so take it easy with the comments alright? He says he looks stupid in this one but it was either this or the photo of the cows. And that title paired with a photo of cows would have made the post completely disjointed.




4 responses

10 09 2007

ito lang ang masasabi ko: uuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

10 09 2007

so he’s the lucky guy… yikeee! =)

11 09 2007

good for you! lots of luck!

12 09 2007

ang laki nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i mean.. ang tangkad niya! he’s a giant! wahahah 🙂 whooohooo

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