Asong Ulul

10 09 2007

Pardon me for the title.

Yesterday Marlon, Tin and myself went on a photo shoot  to cover the newly installed art works for the Laneway Commissions 2007.  This particular photo is of the Gates of Hell art installation by Heather B. Swan.  At first glance the photo is disturbing and aggressive, but strangely, despite its frightening form it draws you and entices you to come closer and touch it.

The way I read this piece is that it pushes you to get involved in matters that really move you and asks you to refrain from leading a life of mediocrity.  So that whenever you are asked why you’re leading the life you are in now, you will have a reason more substantial than saying you chose this path because it is comfortable.

Wow lalim men.  Haha.




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11 09 2007

historical army

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