20 09 2007


I have finally discovered a very efficient way to plow through all my photos and decide which one is the keeper and which one isn’t. From now on, if I find that the image doesn’t move me, then it goes straight to the recycling bin… might be useful in filtering out the noises in one’s life as well.

And hooray for my first photography project! It’s a fairly easy one but it took me months to put it together. I call it the apartment project because it’s a collection of the different images I’ve taken inside my crib and so far I’ve only got two photos in it haha, well for now I’ll just celebrate the fact that I’ve created its own set in flickr and have filled it with two images. It’ll grow soon enough. Check it out, don’t worry it won’t eat up so much of your time, only two images remember? Hehe.





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