Welcome to the loony bin

28 09 2007

I have been slightly loony the past couple of days because of the fact that I have not done any productive work for almost two months now. Several questions are playing in my head at the moment and I’m counting on my US training for salvation. They can work me to death and I won’t complain, god knows I’ve been itching to be a corporate slave again , if only to salvage my sanity (I can’t believe I actually said that – am I now fully alienated and co-opted by the machine? – yes Portia and you will work until the day you die with no real sense of fulfillment bwahahaha).

I guess I could say that things are starting to look up, if my approved visa this morning is any indication. If I were callous and if I didn’t need a working visa to stay in this country, I would have seriously considered moving to another company but I don’t have the luxury to be flighty and, call it naive if you want, but I still believe things will get better. Repeat after me, things will get better, things will get better, things will get better.


On a different note, did you know that the doctor who discovered the vaccine for cervical cancer is Australian? So that’s why women living here who have Medicare can get the vaccine for free, well for a limited time… Ang swerte! Because I don’t have Medicare cover, I will have to shell out around $450 if I want it, expensive but one of my best friends said it’s a worthwhile investment. Why am I talking about this? I don’t know except that I realized most of my female friends read this blog and reproductive health isn’t such a hot topic back home in Pinas. Anyway, ang masasabi ko lang pap smear! And read up on it! Amen.




2 responses

1 10 2007

i looked this up and found out that we can only have the vaccine until 26 y.o. Oh no! pressure ito. Hmmm… is this really worth the investment? hehe.

2 10 2007

Hello madz! Korek! Hanggang 26 lang, I think it’s worth the investment pero mahal so sad. Kung if-forego ito, dapat may regular check-ups. =)

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