Jet Lag

8 10 2007

My greatest wish for tonight is sleep, restful sleep…

I flew in last night and was driven straight to Gerson’s apartment to watch Pacquiao’s match and meet the Pinoy community Minneapolis chapter hehe. As expected there were heaps of food and beer and of course, karaoke! Today I had a very enjoyable brunch with Ila and Ryan and Ryan’s parents and afterwards I went to Target by myself and bought supplies. You can say I’m such a brave child for doing that, if you discount the fact that it was just a block away from my apartment.

Minneapolis is laid-back and D was very accurate when he compared it to Adelaide in terms of having a provincial vibe, it is indeed quiet and… it is quiet. Give me a week to really read this place.

My first night didn’t go so well, I didn’t sleep until 5am and I felt homesick, lonely and displaced. But I am feeling so much better now.

Once again, I feel very very blessed I have friends here. Settling in has been smooth-sailing so far especially since Nikka, Abel and Joey have been taking very good care of me, taking me around the city, giving me local information and introducing me to Cub Foods, where there are produce and real food hooray.

That’s it for now. Sleep beckons. It should by now.




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