7 Days Later

15 10 2007

My sleep cycle is beginning to normalize thank goodness. Now I wake up at 5am, as opposed to the ungodly hour of 2am when the whole of Minneapolis is still sleeping. I have started a routine of going to the gym from 630 to 730 in the morning and it has helped heaps in sleeping better and taking away homesickness. My first few days here I was a wreck because I felt disconnected and lonely.

Time is just a concept I know but boy was it a big factor in my initial misery. D has been a great source of support while I was adjusting, even though I nearly drove him over the edge once with homesick drama hehehe. As embarrassing as it is to admit it, but there were nights when I cried like an 8-year-old child longing for home while spending summer away in a strange land.

I’m getting used to living here, Cads has taught me how to take the skyway to and from the office, for the price of a coffee haha. And I’ve also learned to walk quicker now while on the skyway, because I don’t relish seeing dozens of displeased people behind me waiting to overtake my slow pace.

Again, thank goodness for friends.


My foodie side is feeling satisfied as well. The Sunday brunch at the Marquette Hotel is a nice way to spend your last morning of the weekend. Rock bottom is OK as well, D recommended the Titan toothpicks but among the stuff we ordered I found the Tuscan Smoked Chicken most memorable. Lobster ravioli at Maggiano’s is orgasmic and hmm I had walleye fillet at Hell’s Kitchen BUT for some reason, I found the ketchup more worthwhile haha, well the bacon’s good as well.


And I’ve experienced US shopping, which has been raved about by almost everyone I know. I’ve been to Southdale to get some stuff from Victoria’s Secret and to Albertville (their outlet mall) to finish most of my personal and pasalubong shopping since it’s always good to start early. I told myself I’m all shopped out but I’m allowing myself a couple of more trips because I need to take advantage of the zero sales tax on clothes here =)


Yesterday we went to Duluth and blessed with a beautiful sunny day, checked out Lutsen Mountains, Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Lighthouse.


Whew not bad for my first week eh?




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