26 10 2007

I am halfway through my stay here and time is running fast. I’ve grown to like working here, I like the work atmosphere, it’s simple, it can get busy but you are able to do your work with no dramas at all.

I enjoy the food scene too, if there is even such a term. Foodies will liken this city to heaven with tons of choices, there’s American, Italian, African, Mexican, Japanese and Indian food, all of it good.

The music scene is not bad as well. Last night I even had the chance to see Van Halen in concert with its original vocalist, David Lee Roth. I’ve never had to study a band before actually watching them live but this time I felt I had to, I didn’t want to be a poser banging my head to musicians I knew nothing about. So day 1 was spent reading the wiki page Cads sent me and day two was spent ironing clothes to their you tube videos. The concert itself was OK, though the sound system was deafening and could have used a bit of tweaking. I liked the solos better because I could hear them better. I’m not very technical when it comes to critiquing music but Eddie Van Halen was very remarkable when he did his solo. Fans of the band will probably have more enthusiastic reviews of the concert and the band though, but yes I do recognize how important Eddie’s contribution to the music scene is.

And the best thing about going here is probably that I’m able to spend time with friends I never thought I’d see again.

So tomorrow I fly to Richmond to visit Normie and meet up with Ila and Ryan and then drive to New York.  Then on to Boston the next weekend to visit family and finally see Harvard (I used to dream of taking graduate studies there) and then San Francisco where I’ll spend my birthday and last weekend in the US before I go home.  I’m excited and I know it’ll be tiring but as one of my friends said before, I’ll have enough time to sleep when I die hehe.




3 responses

28 10 2007
kuya mannix

harvard is long waiting for you! see you soon here in Boston . . . . . get ready with your “clicks!”

28 10 2007

oh my!!! Harvard! that’s the one i missed.. darn it!

enjoy porsh! 🙂 glad, you loved mpls! 🙂 mwah!

31 10 2007

so happy that you are enjoying there madz. and it’s actually work that brought you there. one of the perks we all envy…
enjoy. think of me one your next food trip… sigh…

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