DC and Virginia

2 11 2007

Richmond, VA was the first stop in this four day holiday. I flew in late Friday evening from Chicago in the smallest plane I’ve ever ridden, coupled with the most memorable turbulence I’ve ever experienced since I started riding planes. I spent the night at Jason and Normie’s tastefully decorated period home. Richmond is a quiet town with well-preserved buildings and homes. Normie’s apartment itself is an old Victorian home converted into a condo. My favorite spots in this city were Shockoe Hill for its cobblestone roads and its hip establishments, Monument Avenue for the Victorian houses lining it, and Carytown for the pretty restaurants and the stores which were housed in old-style structures as well. I liked Richmond because it has character and because I’m all for vintage, no matter how loud the wooden floors creak when you walk on them at night hehe.

On Saturday morning we had brunch with all the Pinoys who used to be with Acn like me and then drove to Washington, DC to marvel at the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, walk the long stretch of the reflecting pool and just basically be in awe of the city’s architecture. OK so maybe I was a bit more impressionable than everyone else in the group but I couldn’t help it. This leg of my holiday was generally fantastic but there’s one thing I learned about being in a relationship and exploring new places… it is inevitable that you will experience moments when you wished your significant other was there with you, whether to remind you that your mouth’s been gaping open for too long or maybe just to share in your amazement. It sucks, it’s corny but it is inescapable.

Anyway, the long walks we took in DC and the bouts of misery I experienced pining for my D were rewarded by a sinful dinner at Kababayan restaurant, a Filipino grocery store and eatery (I think only Pinoys use this word) 20 minutes outside of DC. We had all the Pinoy food you can find in your physician’s list of food to avoid. Because we were famished when we ordered, we were of course mindless when we said yes to the inihaw na liempo, bbq chicken, lechon kawali, pork sinigang and pakbet. It was Pinoy heaven at its finest and most cholesterol-laden.

After spending a night in DC we drove to New York and spent two nights there. That will be an entirely new post because I think it is a crime not to allot it a separate blog entry. New York is definitely a place unlike any other and I’ve been telling everyone since I came back that I love love love it, and I don’t need a shirt to remind me that and I will definitely go back in a heartbeat given a chance.




One response

3 11 2007

yes porsh, go. post.. new york is beyond what i imagined it to be..

we love new york! 🙂

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