3 weddings and a whole tabo of tears

30 12 2007

christmas this year was simple but very nice. my mom, dad, brother and i bonded over the barbecue grill while cooking orange island pork chops. it’s amazing how several pieces of karne can strengthen a family’s bond. we ate noche buena early because we skipped dinner and i had too much baked mussels, resulting in an achy tummy. so sad.

on a serious note though, this vacation has really been a reconfirmation of how much of my life revolves around my family and that at the end of the day, they are what matters most to me. i think i can handle pretty much anything with grace, except losing them.

the coming year will present big changes to our lives, especially with a couple of new additions to the family (a new sister and in several months, a baby hooray!). i’m still finding my rhythmn in the midst of it all, especially since i’m used to having my parents and my brother all to myself. my relationship with my kuya may have rough patches from time to time but he’s my brother and i need some time to get used to the idea that he has his own family now.

yesterday was melanie’s wedding and it is the second most touching wedding i’ve ever attended, second to my parents’ silver wedding anniversary a couple of years ago. i cried heaps starting from the church ceremony up until the reception. it was a very intimate and touching affair and it struck a chord because i saw how much their families figure in her and jon’s lives. my parents went with me and i kept checking on my dad because i was worried he’d cry during the bride and father of the bride moments hehehe. i think my contemporaries have just kicked off the marriage phase of our generation’s life cycle as evidenced by the numerous weddings i’ve attended and will attend in the next year or so. yesterday during our clan reunion, i overheard my parents along with my aunties and uncles say na sunod-sunod na raw kameng magpipinsan nyan ;P. all i can say is, seniority rules… which puts me right smack in the middle of the long and slow-moving line. ayos.




3 responses

4 01 2008

knowing you, nai-imagine ko ang tears mo sa wedding ni melanie =) sayang di tayo nag abot and heard a few stories na rin about your trip. hehe. paki sabi pala kina melanie at jon, my best wishes…

5 01 2008

happy new year madz. good to know you enjoyed your holidays at home. sorry i forgot to call you…would have really wanted to hear your voice. super busy and my mind was on a lot of things. thanks for the postcard pala. : )

13 01 2008

my gas, I am so outdated!
kinasal na pala si Mel.

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