Princess for a day…

24 01 2008

I’ve never been given flowers for no reason before. Come to think of it he was the first one to ever give me flowers, but that was a peace offering after a major argument. So this totally floored me and made me giggle like a schoolgirl for most of the day.

I got an SMS today from a very good friend, she said she hopes I’m doing well and that she always checks this journal for updates on my life. She also said that she’s sure that my life is beautiful at the moment.

And she’s right, it is beautiful at the moment. It’s summer, days maybe longer but they fly by so quickly. Everyone’s out to enjoy the sun and people are much more carefree.

The trip back to Melbourne wasn’t as dramatic as the first time I went home for Christmas, it helped that D was waiting for me at the airport when the plane touched down. But it was still sad. Now I’m looking forward to my Mum and aunties going here for a vacation in March. Hello to home-cooked dinners everyday.

I’m enjoying each day as it comes, in several months I’ll be undergoing a major overhaul in my life and losing a flatmate, although why she has to move in with her new husband is beyond me. She can stay here and ask Jon to just get a house for himself and I’m willing to give visitation rights, for free.

D and I are at opposite timezones right now. The setup has been very good for us if you ask me because it encourages the two of us to communicate better and keep things simple. I have now acquired the role of goodnight call provider and he has been bestowed the honor of being my logical breaks while I’m at work.

Work is good. So far, so good. I might be sent to China in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to it and hope that I won’t have a shitty time adjusting to the place like when I went to the US. Nani – we may finally be able to fulfill our dream of exploring a new country together =)

Photography still feeds my soul. Recently I bought a Polaroid 600 camera (I think here in Australia they’ve repackaged it as Polaroid700). I’ve been wanting one for a long time and since I want to be able to describe things better to D in my letters, I thought now is a really good time to get one. How many times did I say the words “good”, “one” and “time” just then? Hehe.

My nephew/niece is doing good, if anyone out there must know. My sister-in-law Mitch is staying at my parents’ house. The other day I phoned Mum and she was giddy from seeing her future grandkid on the ultrasound monitor, already moving. I imagine the baby’s still as small as a worm or I don’t know, anything squiggly and wormy hehe.

That’s it for now kids, have a good life in the meantime. I will be posting a travelogue on Singapore soon, I hope.