Weekends to live for

18 02 2008

Today I was alternating between crying and laughing. The weekend was wonderful, romantic, sweet, fun, awesome and a bit sad in the end. It definitely made up for the six weeks away from D. Meeting more of his friends and bonding with them made us both realize that we made the right decision for him to come home for the wedding, even if it meant a longer separation and shorter alone time. As usual I felt so welcome and it seemed like I was surrounded by family and old friends again. It was touching to know him better through his friends’ eyes.

It was my first Aussie wedding.  The groom, Andre, is one of D’s best friends from school and he met Yun, while studying Mandarin in uni.  I found it very low-key but touching and intimate nonetheless. Only 50 (or less) people were invited so almost everyone knew each other and there was enough time and space to mingle.   The bride did her bouquet and her make-up herself and the boutonniere was handcrafted by the groom’s Mum.  D convinced me to bring Bogart and I’m glad he did, ’cause it turned out to be an awesome photography gig, especially as everyone was game to pose.

It was definitely a weekend worth living for, just like the weekend spent with Faye, Cherry, Eva, Melendres and Chie in Gold Coast on Australia Day weekend. I highly doubt it was the place which made it fantastic. I would say it was the company, getting drunk on the beach, singing to Eheads songs blasting from a mobile phone and dancing carefree while hiding a tequila bottle from the roving police. Was it tequila or vodka? I can’t remember. It was definitely our own version of Galera, complete with the Capri slims.


Now it feels that D’s homecoming was just a dream, I’m back, unpacked and “normal” again. The only proof that it actually happened is the Reese’s peanut butter cups in the fridge. Saying goodbye at the airport never gets easier. Oh well. Eight weeks to another weekend to live for.




One response

21 02 2008

portia!! sorry i ate the last piece of reese in the fridge 🙂 i love your photos!

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