Nanjing at Night

6 03 2008

I finally did it. I summoned enough courage to walk more than 10 meters away from my hotel. Of course it helped that my hotel towered over all the other buildings in the area so it still acted as my security blanket.

My first foray into Shanghai streets alone took me to East Nanjing Road. It is a pedestrian road so no vehicles are allowed except for the mini-trams going back and forth. I had several mini-feats last night, I crossed the big intersections by myself, I dodged several bicycles and cars and people in a rush and I was able to ward off a group of hustlers posing us Chinese students. I was forewarned by several websites that these people lure tourists into “artsy/cultural trips” which eventually end in a dinner with a bill higher than one is willing to pay. I guess their pronunciation of Nanjing gave them away.

It was a rich visual and sensory experience. Shanghai is a paradise for a photographer. There are so many images to capture and the place has a lot of character.

I am planning to explore more places and wander farther away from my hotel as days go by, even if it’s just a few meters of progress each day ;P




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