It’s hammertime!

9 06 2008

So the neighbor downstairs tried subtlety and placed a plumber’s business card outside our door with a note telling us to contact said plumber for the water hammer

Water what? Is that like a water pistol that squirts out water each time you hit something with it? Sorry but this is an alien concept to me. I may have grown up surrounded with two civil engineers in the family and one architect cousin but I have never encountered such terminology. Luckily Melanie googled the word before I was informed of the card-dropping incident.

Turns out it was the pressure surge related to pipelines, basta, it’s a tubero term.

Now I don’t generally like it when my Saturday mornings are ruined so my initial reaction was to let the bitch suffer more by showering at a much later time every night (months before, dear neighbor “suggested” we take showers before 10pm as noise caused by water hammer wakes them from their sleep, which I had no problem complying with). Anyway, before pushing through with my plan, I stopped and thought… what would Jesus do? Hahaha. Once again, I find myself laughing at my own joke… Or maybe just chuckling, I swear it sounded funny when I wrote this draft a couple of days ago…

Because I’m a good and gracious neighbor, I decided to call D who’s the guardian of rationality relative to me and who’s a landlord himself (how feudal!). He suggested I ask dear neighbor to call the owner directly or that I file a report for repair with the agent. Since I don’t trust my neighbor speaking directly with my agent (I’m good and gracious and smart!), I decided to file for a repair report instead. Tadan. I estimate the water hammer to be rectified in a year’s time or six months or whenever the rent’s about to increase and the agent desperately needs to be on our good side.

Oh well, that’s apartment living for you kids. I had a quick look at the rates these days and goodness are they expensive! I wonder how much I’ll have to pay for my own place when it’s time to move out and get a place of my own. I might have to move somewhere an hour away from the city to get a cheap place, anywhere except the suburbs. The suburb would kill me.

Blabbing now, stopping now. Catcha later.


Still can you imagine how funny it would be to call a plumber and ask him in a very husky voice if he’d like to come and fix your plumbing?




2 responses

14 06 2008

natawa ako sa epilogue mo. dito lang ata sa pilipinas yung “tubero” na yun :p

15 06 2008

hello ai, hehehe, oo pinas lang ata ang tubero… anywhere else plumber na may concept ng water hammer. ano kaya translation ng phrase na yun sa atin hehe.

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