Dorks in love

29 08 2008

Portia says: i created a database called “portia”
Portia says: tanan
Big-D (Daniel) says: …
Big-D (Daniel) says: HOORAY!
Portia says: it’s for my review 🙂
Big-D (Daniel) says: now create one called Daniel and then create a DBLink 😛
Portia says: ahahaha

For the record,  this does not constitute dorky internet sex.

It’s when we use really erotic words like ‘flash recovery’ and ‘buffer cache’ that things get really hot.  Haha.



2 08 2008

I know the photo doesn’t go with the title but not everything has to make sense right? Not even the several emails I received today, all in Spanish, and all of which I’m supposed to decrypt to resolve a client’s issue. By the way I might be going to Mexico in 3 weeks for work. Hola! Como se llama usted? Donde esta en la biblioteca? Yo soy Portia, como estas?

Finally, I’ll be able to use the 6 units of Spanish I took back in uni… use all 6 units in saying hello, goodbye, asking where the library is and maybe saying I’m hungry? Yo tengo hambre! If I’m not mistaken. Yeah I’m excited, a new country to explore hooray. Except that I’m going away 2 weeks after D comes home from the US but it’s only for two weeks (hopefully) so I’m sure we will be fine.

There’s not much fresh news… let’s see, I celebrated my first year in the company, I have good friends in the office now, D is finally coming home for good, I’m still obsessed with cupcakes, I’m taking Latin Funk dance classes to keep myself busy, I’ve realigned my social life with the recent changes in my life, I still love my job, I’ve realized it’s much better to have a clear separation between my social and professional circles and I’m going flash/backpacking in China with D, Andre and Yun this October.

Oh wait a minute I do have a bit of good news, I am now officially an auntie to a boy called Adrien Bowen. I’m going to take credit for the elegant-sounding “Adrien,” feel free to pay out my brother for choosing such a strange name as Bowen. Of course my mother is over the moon with her new apo, when I asked her who the baby resembles, she said he’s got my brother’s eyes, his mum’s nose and my cheeks. Who knew you could trace a pair of cheeks to a person, have you ever heard anyone say “Awww… you’ve got your Auntie’s chubby cheeks.” Anyway he does kinda looks like me when I was a baby…

Ok that’s all I’ve got for now, I hope everybody’s doing well. Chao!