2 08 2008

I know the photo doesn’t go with the title but not everything has to make sense right? Not even the several emails I received today, all in Spanish, and all of which I’m supposed to decrypt to resolve a client’s issue. By the way I might be going to Mexico in 3 weeks for work. Hola! Como se llama usted? Donde esta en la biblioteca? Yo soy Portia, como estas?

Finally, I’ll be able to use the 6 units of Spanish I took back in uni… use all 6 units in saying hello, goodbye, asking where the library is and maybe saying I’m hungry? Yo tengo hambre! If I’m not mistaken. Yeah I’m excited, a new country to explore hooray. Except that I’m going away 2 weeks after D comes home from the US but it’s only for two weeks (hopefully) so I’m sure we will be fine.

There’s not much fresh news… let’s see, I celebrated my first year in the company, I have good friends in the office now, D is finally coming home for good, I’m still obsessed with cupcakes, I’m taking Latin Funk dance classes to keep myself busy, I’ve realigned my social life with the recent changes in my life, I still love my job, I’ve realized it’s much better to have a clear separation between my social and professional circles and I’m going flash/backpacking in China with D, Andre and Yun this October.

Oh wait a minute I do have a bit of good news, I am now officially an auntie to a boy called Adrien Bowen. I’m going to take credit for the elegant-sounding “Adrien,” feel free to pay out my brother for choosing such a strange name as Bowen. Of course my mother is over the moon with her new apo, when I asked her who the baby resembles, she said he’s got my brother’s eyes, his mum’s nose and my cheeks. Who knew you could trace a pair of cheeks to a person, have you ever heard anyone say “Awww… you’ve got your Auntie’s chubby cheeks.” Anyway he does kinda looks like me when I was a baby…

Ok that’s all I’ve got for now, I hope everybody’s doing well. Chao!




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2 08 2008

Do send me pics of your nephew!! Wow backpacking in China? What cities are you visiting? And Mexico? Globetrotter level ha… want to go to India or Greece? Save tayo Portia for next year!!

3 08 2008

Haloha Abegail! About the photos, will do, in a couple of days siguro, remind me by IM or text. For China, we’re visiting HK, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian and Wuhan. The trip really is meant for Andre & Yun’s Chinese wedding pero now it’s all about the traveling part hehehe. Someone’s inviting me to Peru next year, dun na lang, we should see Machu Picchu!

3 08 2008

hi porsh! i thought this article would be all about cupcakes. i’ve been waiting for that article explaining your obssession on cupcakes. :p

machu picchu… i haven’t met anyone who have been to that place or would want to go that place except in one koreanovela i’ve watched. hehe.

btw, riza is here. biglaan. we’re having dinner this friday and then a whole day lakwatsa the next day – spa, dineout, coffee, malling, etc.

3 08 2008

hello ai! my obsession with cupcakes is unexplainable hehe or too obvious for me to even articulate. the machu picchu trip is still on the drawing board, nothing’s final yet pero i really wanna see that place.

say hi to riza for me, i hope her trip was for a good reason and not for any emergency of some sort. btw, ann sevilla is preggy, just heard the good news from her last week =)

4 08 2008

where do you source your cupcakes? looks yummy! you can do food photography in the future in case you get bored with your job. =)

nainggit lang si riza sa parents niya kaya she decided to go home after them. they went to bohol over the weekend. sayang nga biglaan kaya dito-dito lang kami.

i always forget to text ann. nabasa ko nga sa facebook na preggy siya. =)

ei, will wait for your pictures in China, etc.!

16 08 2008

yummy cupcakes… wish i can have some NOW!!! 😛
hola y adios… su vida es realmente hermosa. tener un viaje seguro en mexico.

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