A Midnight Ode

6 09 2008

I will most probably regret it for the rest of my life, the fact that I was not able to witness the greatest reunion concert of my life. I have adored them since that day in summer of ’94 when my brother brought home a cassette tape of four skinny pimply guys and a song hits (only Pinoys will get what a song hits is hehe) featuring them on the inside page of the front cover. I distinctly remember being curious about the word “thesis” and singing to Ligaya without even knowing what it meant.

My first concert was in ’95 in a high school auditorium in Morong, Rizal and one of my ka-service (that’s bus mate to people who pronounce “r” softly and grew up in Manila) handed me a paper containing their setlist. It had shoemarks on it but I treasured it, although I never confirmed if one of them really wrote that setlist until I saw the handwriting on this photo and realized the legitimacy of that tiny piece of paper I’ve been keeping in an old biscuit tin in my old room in Tanay, Rizal (yes kelangan kasama parati ang “Rizal”).

Like any relationship I went through times when I lost all motivation to listen to them, especially when they released their 3rd album and everyone in my highschool started liking them and they became “too popular” for me hehe. Up to this day I still think that was a bad move, letting go of them just because of my pride. But college came and I got into the best university in the whole damn universe (Hehe), and I rediscovered them and was lucky to even witness a couple of live gigs… until they disbanded, I graduated and got a job and basically grew up.

Their albums were included in the chosen records I brought with me when I moved to Australia. I think they’re one of the things that give Pinoys a sense of solidarity, after all, have you ever met a Pinoy contemporary who grew up in Pinas who doesn’t know and idolize them? I hear another reunion concert is in the offing and I hope I won’t be too grown up and practical to dismiss the desire to go home just to watch it. I would seriously even consider begging Dan to master the Tagalog phrasebook I got him just for this band.




2 responses

6 09 2008

i also regret not watching it. Stupid of me to pass up the chance given i had free tickets. =( i promise that i will watch the next reunion concert, if any. Uwi ka dito if that happens. hehe.

7 09 2008

hey ai, next reunion concert dapat manood na tayo kase once in a lifetime lang yun, or in their case twice in our lifetime because of an unfortunate mishap…

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