China Travelogue II

11 11 2008

October 8, 2008

On our last day in Hong Kong we went back up Victoria Peak again because the rain had let up and the sun shone a bit. Paying another $66 HKD was well worth it because we finally saw the skyline.

After the Peak we took the MTR to Tung Chung Station and got into the Ngong Ping 360, which is a tourist trap that takes you to a fake traditional village with its own Starbucks. For a moment I felt dirty and hypocritical drinking watered down coffee while walking the stretch of souvenir shops and scripted “traditional” tours.

After Ngong Ping, our next stop was the Golden City Computer Center which was Dan’s version of techie heaven.

I forgot to mention that the dirty touristy feeling I felt at Ngong Ping was redeemed when we went up the 260 steps to see the 40-foot Buddha statue and it was completely eradicated when we lit several incense sticks to pray at the Po Lin temple. Lighting up the incense sticks and praying left us with a kind of serenity and contentment that we walked silently back to the cable car station.

Our stay in Hong Kong was capped off with a good seafood meal and three huge 640mL bottles of San Miguel beer (Dan’s first taste of Pinoy beer) at a food stall near the Temple St. night market. It was, again, surreal and very special to have Dan with me at this spot thousands of miles away from home.

I would say the highlights of this leg of the trip were seeing the Symphony of Lights show, offering incense sticks and praying with Dan at the Po Lin Monastery and the very filling seafood dinner with San Miguel at a Temple St. food stall.





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12 11 2008

Finally! I’ve been checking your site lately for new updates. Halatang petiks sa office. hehe.

So you wouldn’t recommend Ngong Ping? We actually allotted half a day of our itinerary there. Now it got me thinking to spend that time somewhere else.

What has Daniel got to say to our local SanMig?

12 11 2008

Hi ai! Sorry delayed, i’m admittedly procrastinating… I would recommend it just for the 40 foot Buddha, I’d say just take the bus from the Tung Chung station up the spot where you can take the stairs. The cable car is just that, a cable car. Dan enjoyed the view pero the views were nothing we don’t see in Pinas.

Btw, Dan likes the SanMig, my guy friends say that the ones you get abroad then to taste different so we’ll see what he says about the pale pilsen we get back home. When are you going?

13 11 2008

we are going on the 29th until dec 3. we have 1 day in macau. yehey!

di ba sa peak may cable car din? kung ganun nga, might as well take the bus in Tung Chung.

13 11 2008

sa victoria peak you take the tram, the bus i think will take longer. consult your lonely planet guide for more details. hahaha.

have fun madz. who are you going with?

16 11 2008

i’m going with former officemates, most of which are no longer with our previous company. reunion. hehe. thanks for the tips madz! I’ll let you know how the trip goes. 🙂

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