China Travelogue IV

13 11 2008

October 9, 2008

It’s our second night here in Xian. We’re staying at the Xiangximen Youth Hostel and it’s been a good experience so far. This is the first time I’m staying at a hostel and luckily Yun found a fabulous one. It’s in a good location as it’s right next to the old city wall. (Note: I must admit our accommodation was a level up from the full hostel experience as Dan and I had a private room with an en suite bathroom.)

This city has wider roads and more traditional structures than Shanghai. I find it less suffocating.


Today Yun, Andre and Lisa are going to the Hua Shan mountain but Dan and me decided to take it easy instead because Dan’s tummy is still feeling funny.

Yesterday we went on a tour that included the Ban Po Museum and the Terracotta Warriors museum, then in the evening we had fantastic street food at the Muslim Quarter.

Unfortunately I enjoyed the night bazaar at the Muslim Quarter more than the statue of the warriors. Maybe I built it up too much but I still found it amazing.

I’m not used to seeing Dan this sick, hopefully he feels better today.


I just got back from breakfast, turns out Lisa didn’t go with Andre and Yun so she and I had a good conversation over breakfast reminiscing about our experience at our own universities, protesting for a cause and talking about life and the choices we made and will make.

It’s nearly noon and Dan is still in bed, but that’s alright ’cause today we plan to just take it easy and visit sites around the city.





3 responses

27 11 2008

umm, where are the pics????

30 11 2008

hello nan – they’re still in raw format. i think im on an unplanned photography hiatus. im just too uninspired and caught up with other stuff that i can’t make the time to process them. sorry! btw, i’m still considering taking daniel to dumaguete for a couple of days on our holiday there. tingin mo?

8 04 2016

I think we need to head to Starbucks for this one and sit and chew on this… : ) Click

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