Barossa Valley

24 09 2008

We referred to it as the “super awesome birthday weekend.”

It was a celebration of not only Dan’s birthday, but also his real homecoming from the US.

And boy was it a self-fulfilling prophecy. From the cottage with its own spa, to the dinner, cellar doors and Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop, every single thing was awesome.

The cottage we stayed in had a proper wood fire and breakfast provisions, the dinner at Apellation was the best I’ve ever experienced in terms of service and ambiance. The shiraz at Two Hands and the fort at Chateau Dorrien (can’t call them port anymore ’cause apparently Portugal went to the world court and won the sole exlusive right to the name) almost made me convert from whites to reds. Not to mention the Farm Shop was just foodie heave with heaps of pate’ worth dying for.


After Barossa, I spent the rest of the week in Adelaide hanging out with Dan, his parents and our friends. It was an opportunity to obtain intimate knowledge of the city since I rarely ever stay there for more than a weekend. It also made me realize that when the time comes, moving there would not be such a bad idea.

Today I learned something, productive work can be a savior and that I am growing through an extreme exercise in patience.

Update: So far four people have told me to be patient and to wait it out. Two of these people I trust completely when it comes to their judgement/opinions. So wait I shall.


Asong Ulul

10 09 2007

Pardon me for the title.

Yesterday Marlon, Tin and myself went on a photo shoot  to cover the newly installed art works for the Laneway Commissions 2007.  This particular photo is of the Gates of Hell art installation by Heather B. Swan.  At first glance the photo is disturbing and aggressive, but strangely, despite its frightening form it draws you and entices you to come closer and touch it.

The way I read this piece is that it pushes you to get involved in matters that really move you and asks you to refrain from leading a life of mediocrity.  So that whenever you are asked why you’re leading the life you are in now, you will have a reason more substantial than saying you chose this path because it is comfortable.

Wow lalim men.  Haha.

The Dynamics of Families and Friends

8 09 2007


I couldn’t really think of an appropriate title so I thought I’d go with something which sounds social theory-esque hahaha. Just for kicks.

Last weekend I flew to Adelaide to visit D and finally meet his Mum in person, we’ve chatted on the phone several times and I had already met his Dad over dinner last month.

The days leading up to the meeting were quite nerve-wracking but all my fears were put aside the minute I met her, she’s very gentle and genuine and made me feel so welcome, his entire family did actually. It was wonderful to be part of a family again (haha assuming!) and I suddenly missed my parents, our house and our clan get- togethers.  The weekend made me think back to the days before I moved to Melbourne and how I feared being uprooted and starting over without my family to take care of me. Somehow it gave me a better perspective on D’s planned move here and what he’ll be giving up when it happens.

I am lucky I wound up with a great bunch of people here who are not only my friends and but are also my cocoon during rough times. Hay.

Posting D’s photo here is a really big step so take it easy with the comments alright? He says he looks stupid in this one but it was either this or the photo of the cows. And that title paired with a photo of cows would have made the post completely disjointed.

Spring has sprung!

7 09 2007


Hens and Etc

3 09 2007

I edited this post because it was too neutral, and neutral is so convenient and boring. i think we all took away something from that night, especially since the oracle and tarot readings were quite intriguing and confrontational. my card basically said i should learn to laugh at life which was pretty timely since i’ve been uptight the past few months.

I’m into my second month at my new job now, and things have been uneventful but as people around me have been saying, i am very lucky and i should not complain. i’ll take the easy route and take their advice and just grin and bear it. i’m lucky, i’m lucky, i’m lucky. maybe the more i say it, the less i’ll resist the thought. But then again, other people’s worse problems should not make my issues less legitimate.

I may be going to Minneapolis in a month to do several weeks of training, of course i’m excited at the prospect of exploring a new country but i’m also scared thinking about how i’ll be able to take care of people and things i’m leaving temporarily. My Mum’s planned vacation here has been pushed back six months because of this and because I convinced her that autumn is the best time to visit Melbourne.

And lastly, I now have a newfound respect for people in long-distance relationships, I’m willing to pay for a couple of tutorial sessions with demos if any of you are interested.

Happy Feet

29 04 2007

we had a really wonderful weekend in phillip island and i’m now growing to love road trips around australia.

the clear sunny weather on saturday was a pleasant surprise because the forecast consistently said there was going to be a lot of rain. i consider this trip as my most perfect weekend in australia to date but i can’t pick one single thing about it which made it perfect, maybe it was the beautiful island itself, maybe it was the great friends i had for company, maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the laing, sinigang na hipon, adobo and inihaw na liempo, or it could have been the beautiful moon and the bright stars out that night which reminded me so much of my favorite Dumaguete or maybe, just maybe, it was all the alcohol we drank which led to drunken discussions about open bars in office parties and taking photos of the penguins on parade.

i guess it doesn’t really matter. days like this can wipe out several weeks’ worth of negative feelings.

in case you’re wondering, those feet and funky shoes are Melanie’s.

Pinoy Kase

27 04 2007

I’m still reeling from watching the Australian production of Miss Saigon a couple of hours ago. I never expected it to be that moving and riveting. I have heard the songs a thousand times in Pinoy sunday afternoon shows like ASAP or the more vintage SA LINGGO NA PO SILA but I felt an entirely different sensation listening to them in context, sung with raw emotions.

I also didn’t expect to see so many Filipino performers tonight. To hell with sounding cheesy, but it was indeed a very proud Pinoy moment. Leo Valdez should be revered for how well he plays the Engineer.

Since moving here, I’ve always tried to tag every Asian with Malay features I see as Filipino. I guess it’s one way I stay connected. I always feel a sense of warmth whenever I hear someone speak Tagalog or Bisaya or Waray in a crowd buzzing with a myriad of other languages and dialects and that feeling was multiplied a hundred times tonight when I heard the Filipino members of the cast perform with passion and when I saw other nationalities applaud them with gusto. Astig =)