Stardusting and going green

26 09 2007

Last night, we saw the film adaptation of my favorite book in the entire universe; STARDUST by Neil Gaiman. It was enjoyable and good by itself, of course as expected, there are disappointments when you compare it with the book. I promised I would lower my expectations when I see it but what do you know, I couldn’t help it. I guess I was a bit extreme, even going to the length of reading the book again and dog-earing the pages with important details so I can check the movie for accuracy haha. But, but as I’ve said, taken and seen by itself, it is a relatively nice movie, so please go watch it, especially if you’ve been feeling under the weather these days. Or better yet, read the book for a richer experience =)

And off topic, just in case anyone is interested in going greener in terms of lifestyle, I found some helpful websites; here’s one to calculate your impact in terms of carbon emissions, and this gives tips on every aspect of your life, there’s even a portion on how to go green in your sex life harharhar. If you’re in Australia, this gives reviews of the alternative energy sources offered by electricity companies. Enjoy! And turn the tips into practice, it isn’t painful at all, I promise.