sa’yo ang inuman

4 11 2006

okay so i’m kicking off my weekend trip to sydney in drunken stupor. we had this impromptu tequila-drinking session at catcat’s apartment with melanie and lennie. it was the only inuman (drinking session) where i saw someone actually use a measuring spoon to divide how much tequila a “shot” had in each glass. how methodical. it was also the first time i ever got intoxicated here in melbourne. i rode the tram walking in a jagged line and asked melanie to buy my tram ticket for me because i wasn’t sure i could drop the coins in the slot of the ticket machine. oh the joys of intoxication. and i think i hold the only record of being able to do laundry (with the laundry room one level below my flat) while half-asleep, groggy and having to hold on the wall to keep me still while making my way down the hall. and i’m also about to earn the title of packing for a 3 day trip while under the influence. good thing people here don’t give a damn about how you look because i’m not confident i’ll be able to choose “practical” and “well-thought-of” garments for sydney.

this is one of those times when the only thing that can jolt you to sobriety is a gas bill which says your consumption in 4 months amounted to more than a thousand dollars, which is almost as expensive as whole month’s rent. i swear my knees grew weak upon reading that figure. thank goodness melanie called the provider and verified. the thousand dollar amount has been cancelled and now we’re down to a hundred dollars. i knew i always took forever to take a bath but i wasn’t prepared for that kind of expense. whew. lordy, i was ready to give up hot water even if bathing froze me to death.

despite the probability of me having to induce puking to prevent a painful hangover later this morning, i thoroughly enjoyed the tequila and the company of friends tonight, just what i’ve been hungering for in the past few days. not a bad way to kick off your birthday celebration, if you really think about it. happy birthday to me. i’m off to sydney in 4 hours and salvation, in the form of sleep, is still more than 12 hours away. for now, i’m asking ron to keep me awake.

seeing as intoxication equals prolific blog entries, i might just do this drinking session more often.

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    Spring Bling

    23 09 2006





    I forgot to mention that this month signals the start of spring, and since most of what I know about spring weather was influenced by advertising, I didn’t expect rain and maximum sustained winds of the “blow-me-over-the-pavement” level. But Melbourne is famous by having four seasons in one day and we do get occassional beautiful days when the sun would be out the rest of the day.

    Oh and as a birthday gift to myself, I’m watching Pearl Jam at the Rod Laver Arena this November. Never thought I’d be able to watch them live in this lifetime. Astig. I grew up listening to them, at first by force because I’d wake up to their music blasting through the entire house because of my brother, but after a while I grew to love them.

    Mel and I are off to Sydney next Saturday =)

    idle mind (once more)

    26 07 2006

    I purchased something that I’ve been dreaming of acquiring eversince I saw its infomercial years ago. I loved watching Home TV Shopping on the network owned by RJ Jacinto, especially when they featured cooking contraptions. A couple of years later, when the show went off the air, rpn 9 continued featuring infomercials and that was when I saw the ad for this product. A very excited former boxing champion was demonstrating it. I thought he really conceptualized the product but I learned that he was just contracted to endorse it and that actually it was Hulk Hogan who was originally offered the endorsement deal, too bad he missed the phone call that could have topped all the money he made in WWF. So anyway, now that we have this, Mel can say hello to all things grilled everytime I’m assigned to prepare dinner hehehe.


    Last night the last episode for Season 3 of the OC aired here in Melbourne. I already knew that Marissa Cooper was going to die since it was all over the newspaper after the episode aired in the US and Mel and me have been waiting for last night’s episode since the Fox network here started showing teasers. Whew this is going to be tough… The very second Marissa’s dying scene finished, the only words I could mouth were that I have never seen a death scene us pathetic and undramatic as this one. I can’t even bring myself to describe it as mediocre because that would mean there was at least some effort to make it nice. I think they should have just ended the show this season, when the four graduated from high school.

    It could have been a beautiful finish and could have given its followers the freedom to mentally concoct their own ending to the show. If they wanted more bucks, they could have easily done so by doing overkill re-releasing the great alternative music they introduced in the show. Oh well. But it’s mass art, it’s pop, so expecting it to go against the grain is too much for the asking.


    Enough trivia for today. Forgive me and my idle mind.

    life so far

    30 06 2006

    so mel and i are now ready to pay the deposit for the apartment we applied for. the agent was nice enough to offer the unit to us before opening it to the market. we’ve actually been approved for another unit which had an earlier availability but we decided to forego that since it had no edge over this unit we went for, except maybe for its floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room. when i got here i wrote down the things that should be on my top priority. i’ve covered almost everything except one, which is to buy a laptop. i think part of the reason why i didn’t have difficulty getting settled in is because having temporary residents/migrants is so flawlessly built into the government here. like i said, my impression of this place so far is that it is so open to strangers, people from other places. and of course having good friends for my onshore family helped a lot too. plus i never have to illustrate what my dogs look like to a store clerk whenever i buy stuff for our dogs, people here know what bullmastiffs look like hehehe.


    i have developed this habit of mentally figuring out if a person i bump into while walking in the street is pinoy or not. i can’t give you a statistic of how accurate i am because i don’t normally come up to them to ask if they’re from pinas. but it helps entertain me while i’m walking.


    work’s been good. same workload but i my definition of OT has changed. sukdulan na ang ala-sais ng hapon. at ang dami kong natututunan ha. ayos.


    some very sad puppy news: two of the potpots are now in a better place due to parvo virus. =(

    All my packs are bagged

    9 06 2006

    I am a few hours away from leaving for Australia. Everything that I have control over is set, nabakunahan na rin ako ng anti-influenza vaccine (parang piglet haha). I have said goodbye to everyone (even people I randomly bump into in the streets who "accidentally" got wind of this trip from my parents). Tomorrow I will drop by my Nana's house (dad's mom) to say goodbye. My Dad wants me to ask for blessing from everyone from my Nana to my uncles to his kumpares. Ayos.

    Of everything I will be temporarily leaving behind, I think missing my dogs will be the hardest to manage. I'm serious. I can chat with my friends over IM when I miss them, I can talk to my parents and kuya over SMS, chat, email and phone calls when I miss them, but I can't do anything about my missing my dogs. Oh well.

    Six months isn't too long.


    Oh yeah, the picture above shows the potpots at 1 month and 6 days. They grow so fast, these kids. I can't bring them inside the house anymore because they're so active already they can't stay in one corner of the house. I think if they were human, they are in what you would call the "terrible two's" stage.


    The seminar given by POEA was quite interesting and I commend them for having a program like that. But I found it kind of depressing that the whole concept of being an OFW or an Pinoy expat in another country is packaged into this image of a person who has to battle terrible homesickness and suffer misery and loneliness just to send money back home. Given that we're a third-world country, maybe it should be. I was hoping they'd also see this as a venue for self-actualization. But maybe even self-actualization is something too expensive especially if you need to leave your family to support them.

    Mabisang Pangyayari

    25 05 2006

    The thing that's been hovering over my head like a black ugly hawk has finally flown away, the dark clouds that have been threatening to rain on this parade have finally disappeared. Forgive the drama. In lucid non-melodramatic terms, my working visa has finally been approved. After ten million years.

    It wasn't the waiting that irked me because I certainly relished the precious weeks I got to spend with my family and beloved dogs, it was not knowing whether this adventure was going to happen or not that troubled me. Because I was raring to move on with my life. Of course the moving on would happen after the necessary sulking and self-pity due to having the visa disapproved but it didn't happen so anyway, after I told my parents the news my Mom cried over dinner. She tried but failed to hide her red and swollen eyes. My Dad asked her why she was crying and that's when she broke down and said she was sad because I was about to leave soon. Hahaha. By then I lost it and I was laughing so hard to hide my own tears. Hahaha ulet. I succeeded because no one noticed, and because I stood up quickly. Now I'm dreading the goodbye at the airport. Shwet.

    I thought about this a lot before I made my decision but I still felt overwhelmed after I got the news on the visa. But maybe the key is not to overthink it. Maybe life-altering decisions need just enough pondering over and then you do them. Or else you'll be so scared of the intimidating and huge leaps they require that you'll be too paralyzed to accomplish anything with your life.


    PUPPY NEWS: The critters are now walking and their eyes can already see clearly. They have turned into drama queens who cry at the littlest things. My Dad wants to name one of them WINDANG while I want to baptize the biggest drama queen among all five as PETUNIA. I will post pictures once I have our ancient digicam fixed. Windang is luckily not living up to his name and appears focused and smart.

    Tabula Rasa

    18 05 2006

    One downside to having too much time on your hands is not knowing what to do with it. Getting involved in self-defeating endeavors like sulking and self-pity is very viable but not really productive. So I thought writing would be much more meaningful and therapeutic.

    Since I've only been out of the house twice in the last two weeks, I realized retrospective blogging would be the best answer to the question of what non-emo topic I should write about. That is why while I am in this transition phase, I will write about the place I have visited in the past, the music I listen to or used to listen to and the sites that I deem worthy of aimless surfing time.

    To kick off this thing I will write about a place I went to last November. It was a disservice that I didn't talk about it enough with my friends and didn't promote it thoroughly as a great vacation spot. I will write about Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental.