Home Sweet Home

20 11 2007

The thought finally dawned on me when I saw the two bulging luggages by my hotel room’s door. And then a smile slowly formed into my now chubbier cheeks… I was really heading home at last.


It’s good to be home.


Asong Ulul

10 09 2007

Pardon me for the title.

Yesterday Marlon, Tin and myself went on a photo shoot  to cover the newly installed art works for the Laneway Commissions 2007.  This particular photo is of the Gates of Hell art installation by Heather B. Swan.  At first glance the photo is disturbing and aggressive, but strangely, despite its frightening form it draws you and entices you to come closer and touch it.

The way I read this piece is that it pushes you to get involved in matters that really move you and asks you to refrain from leading a life of mediocrity.  So that whenever you are asked why you’re leading the life you are in now, you will have a reason more substantial than saying you chose this path because it is comfortable.

Wow lalim men.  Haha.

Pinoy Kase

27 04 2007

I’m still reeling from watching the Australian production of Miss Saigon a couple of hours ago. I never expected it to be that moving and riveting. I have heard the songs a thousand times in Pinoy sunday afternoon shows like ASAP or the more vintage SA LINGGO NA PO SILA but I felt an entirely different sensation listening to them in context, sung with raw emotions.

I also didn’t expect to see so many Filipino performers tonight. To hell with sounding cheesy, but it was indeed a very proud Pinoy moment. Leo Valdez should be revered for how well he plays the Engineer.

Since moving here, I’ve always tried to tag every Asian with Malay features I see as Filipino. I guess it’s one way I stay connected. I always feel a sense of warmth whenever I hear someone speak Tagalog or Bisaya or Waray in a crowd buzzing with a myriad of other languages and dialects and that feeling was multiplied a hundred times tonight when I heard the Filipino members of the cast perform with passion and when I saw other nationalities applaud them with gusto. Astig =)

happy camper

20 04 2007

My flatmate Melanie and I have decided that it’s time to move to another apartment, one more grown-up and can fit more people so we can invite friends over for dinner and finally accept overnight guests. You see, a lot of our friends are planning to visit us this year and stay at our house for several nights, so it’s only right that we have a nice place to welcome them into. There’s honestly no major, practical reason to move but I can’t see any reason why we shouldn’t either. Life’s too short and last time I checked, being impractical wasn’t yet punishable by law. Plus, the excitement of decorating a new house from scratch would do us a lot of good and give us something to look forward to and first on the list is filling the new house with tons and tons of artwork from indie artists, Melanie included hehehe.

I can sense that a lot of positive and wonderful changes are about to happen soon =). Or maybe I’m just really good at deluding myself but in any case, I’m at a point where I can welcome any change coming my way with wide-open arms.

And for an important piece of news, Melanie is celebrating her birthday on Monday, I’m sure most of you know her and have the link to her blog, so batiin nyo na sya na maligayang kaarawan. Daliiii.

Don Quixote and Kimi

21 03 2007

The ballet performance last Saturday was enthralling. I caught myself smiling several times during the performance because of how awe-inspiring the dancers were. And I was wrong, there were no stringent protocols in watching ballet… akala ko kase single file lang ang pagpasok sa loob, akala ko rin bawal humatsing at bawal suminghot ng malakas haha.

I can’t believe I even considered not going to the F1 last Sunday. That would have been a decision worth regretting for a lifetime because my gad, it was one huge adrenaline-pumping experience. Up until now I still can’t find words more accurate to describe it than P!T@NG INA ASTIG. The minute I stepped inside Albert Park and heard the high-pitched noises, I knew I was hooked.

I liken the thrill of watching those powerful, smooth, fast cars on the circuit to having 17 sinister and beautiful men tantalize you and fight for your attention, all at the same time. But hang on, they’re not simply visually attractive, but they’re also Harvard-bred species because this sport requires precise science and not hype. Every part involved from the driver’s
helmet down to the car’s wings have a purpose.

The entire experience was sexy in a dark, dirty, forbidden and intellectually-stimulating way.

But of course photographing the Grand Prix was a totally different story. Dark? In a way, yes, because now I am two shades darker with a farmer’s tan (i.e. the skin on my upper arms display two shades of brown). It could probably pass for dirty… and you should see my formerly white socks, at the state they’re in I can sell them to Tide or Surf to be used in those TV ads where they prove that their detergent can remove the toughest of stains. Namumutim talaga! It was still a good learning exercise though, in terms of finding good spots, focusing correctly, hand-holding for multiple exposures and getting down, tanned and dusty for good shots.

So yeah, this Australian Grand Prix is going to be an annual thing for me from now on, forever pencilled on my March calendar. And I also need to get more dresses for the next ballet gigs I plan to watch =)

St. Kilda and St. George

12 02 2007

Photo taken at yesterday’s St. Kilda Festival. Crazy fiesta of music, food and ridiculously expensive random stuff and because of the strong winds yesterday, we were forced to fork $25 for a pair of cheap sunnies to protect our eyes from the sand and dust while we were walking on the beach. Very expensive for something that you will only be using for a few hours.

I went there expecting to enjoy the music as the teaser said there will be several concert stages set up for different genres but I should have managed my expectations. The only highlight of it was the carnival ride that I took with Eva and which caused a few seconds of disorientation, but it was great fun.


I had a better time in the St. George Open Air Cinema last week. It’s an open-air movie theater parked in Birrarrung Marr along the Yarra River. The price is a bit steep but you get a spectacular view of the Yarra during sunset while having dinner or wine and some cheese.

We attended the screening for Little Children. It was relatively engaging and can be read in more ways than one and the way I read it is that it’s alright to long for a different way of life, one where you don’t feel trapped, but actually taking a step towards that alternative lifestyle is going to be made very difficult by the system (ho yes I can still be critical), you could lose your daughter while waiting for your lover to run away with you or you could get a serious concussion while skateboarding that you’ll eventually just resign yourself to wishful imaginings. Very grim I know hehehe. Go watch it so you can see it differently.


Life’s a Beach

21 01 2007

I had my first beach swim in Australia yesterday. The rain did not let up all day but I was determined to follow through on my plan to make it a full-on beach gig complete with a dip.

We took the scenic route, boarded a ferry from Southgate and started the day by going to the Scienceworks Museum in Spotswood, a pleasant surprise because I didn’t think I would enjoy this part of the trip. It’s a place geared towards kids of course but I had a blast checking out the exhibitions and going to the Planetarium shows. As Harrison Ford said during one of the shows, if there is anything that life teaches us, it is that we should keep an open mind, and kept an open mind I did. In fact, I was so awestruck with everything I saw, especially the Nitty Gritty Super City exhibit, where they explain how recycling works and they display a scale model of the entire city of Melbourne made out of legos. Alright I’m going to stop gushing now. Good thing the lightning show was not on, or else this entry would really read like an essay grade school kids submit to their teachers after a field trip hehe.

Afterwards, we rode two stations down to go to Williamstown Beach. I didn’t let mother nature stop me from going for a swim but I wasn’t able to take out Bogart and photograph the beach. For one, it was overcast and second, while I knew I could withstand water, I doubt Bogart can and I am not financially capable of finding out if he is hehehe. Instead of ruining my mood, the dark skies and the rain probably even made the experience more glorious. It was good to swim with just a handful of people in sight, all stubborn kids like myself, and it was relaxing to lie on the sand with the rain falling on my face.  It was just so serene that Melanie couldn’t stop commenting about how quiet it was… until I told her to get over it hahaha.


I just realized, the photo above has absolutely nothing to do with the beach haha. Who cares anyway =)