It’s hammertime!

9 06 2008

So the neighbor downstairs tried subtlety and placed a plumber’s business card outside our door with a note telling us to contact said plumber for the water hammer

Water what? Is that like a water pistol that squirts out water each time you hit something with it? Sorry but this is an alien concept to me. I may have grown up surrounded with two civil engineers in the family and one architect cousin but I have never encountered such terminology. Luckily Melanie googled the word before I was informed of the card-dropping incident.

Turns out it was the pressure surge related to pipelines, basta, it’s a tubero term.

Now I don’t generally like it when my Saturday mornings are ruined so my initial reaction was to let the bitch suffer more by showering at a much later time every night (months before, dear neighbor “suggested” we take showers before 10pm as noise caused by water hammer wakes them from their sleep, which I had no problem complying with). Anyway, before pushing through with my plan, I stopped and thought… what would Jesus do? Hahaha. Once again, I find myself laughing at my own joke… Or maybe just chuckling, I swear it sounded funny when I wrote this draft a couple of days ago…

Because I’m a good and gracious neighbor, I decided to call D who’s the guardian of rationality relative to me and who’s a landlord himself (how feudal!). He suggested I ask dear neighbor to call the owner directly or that I file a report for repair with the agent. Since I don’t trust my neighbor speaking directly with my agent (I’m good and gracious and smart!), I decided to file for a repair report instead. Tadan. I estimate the water hammer to be rectified in a year’s time or six months or whenever the rent’s about to increase and the agent desperately needs to be on our good side.

Oh well, that’s apartment living for you kids. I had a quick look at the rates these days and goodness are they expensive! I wonder how much I’ll have to pay for my own place when it’s time to move out and get a place of my own. I might have to move somewhere an hour away from the city to get a cheap place, anywhere except the suburbs. The suburb would kill me.

Blabbing now, stopping now. Catcha later.


Still can you imagine how funny it would be to call a plumber and ask him in a very husky voice if he’d like to come and fix your plumbing?


Sick but not Miserable

9 08 2007

The good thing about being sick and stuck at home is that I have time to indulge in photography (by taking free tutorials online and prepping photos) and reading. The not so good thing about being sick and staying home is that going out of the house means staying within a 10 meter radius so my day’s activities consist of dropping letters in the mailbox, taking out the trash and updating my myer one and flybuys postal address on the internet. And another that is definitely not a good thing is paying $50 for a doctor to tell me something that my mother could have told me, but she’s a doctor too so I have high expectations hehe.

The good thing about being a permanent employee and being sick is that you still get paid and really, company benefits such as paid sick leaves should be used and not saved in exchange for a bonus. That’s my opinion. The only worst thing I can think of about being sick is not being able to go to soccer training, but it’s not as devastating as it sounds because we’re going to start on another round in a fortnight anyway. And the involuntary crunches I do when I cough like crazy can substitute for my weekly exercise routine.

The best thing about getting sick this week of all weeks is that I’ve only got three nights to go until I see D again. Happy-happy, joy-joy. I know I’m incoherent but I’m sick so I’m entitled to be.

And I don’t mind being home alone, especially in the mornings. Tahimik tapos ang naririnig ko lang yung nagkakarpintero sa kapitbahay.  Kulang na lang may mamang sumisigaw ng TAHO, TAHO sa labas, para na ulit akong nasa Pilipinas.

no spring in my step

28 03 2007

If I were in Manila, shorter days would signal the start of the holiday season, here it’s a prelude to a season of even shorter days and colder temperatures.  I can take cold temperatures but I generally don’t thrive in gloomy skies.  It affects my mood.  Ever heard of seasonal affective disorder?  I may be suffering from that.

Have been feeling empty and irrationally angry the past days.  It must be the weather (that’s always a convenient scapegoat), must be the hormones or… it could be something legitimate and worth pondering over.  My parents have been very patient in walking me through this episode but over the past weeks I realized something that I feel very strongly about… no matter how resilient and strong a person appears to be, no one, absolutely NO ONE, has the right to treat her/him callously.  I did say I feel rather strongly about this right? ;P  Nuninuninu.  Ponder this, ponder that, it’ll be Easter soon, everyone will have enough downtime to contemplate.

when it rains, it hails

15 11 2006

seriously cold today, like it was winter all over again. i gotta tell you, this adventure never ceases to keep me on my toes. and when it rains, it not only pours, they also throw in hail to the mix. sometimes it can get tiring, you feel like it’s adversity after adversity, or that going home seems like a really good idea because you’ve been battered no end by events you have no control of or people whose mission in life is to be a bitch and deliver unnecessary grief to others. but then someone tells you that it’s your life and that you should never let anyone mess with it and then you start to realize that everything you have right now, you achieved by hard work, so they’re all worth fighting for, no matter how herculean (is this a sexist term?). so from this moment on, no more miss-goody-two-shoes baby. let’s see who’s better at being a bitch.

nah, i can’t really live with that much anger inside me, if i did that, then i’d be the one losing the fight. i’m just going to pretend that those bitches don’t exist. and besides, that which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

so anyway, enough of that ranting. last weekend me and tseri threw a party to celebrate our birthdays and it was the first time i ever had so much fun at a party here. and i can hardly remember any birthday party of mine being that crazy and enjoyable. maybe because i’m now more relaxed, settled and happy with my situation here. even our friends from the office were there, it was quite literally a united colors of benetton scene (was what i just said bakya? hahaha). so if you’ve gotten hold of the pictures, forgive the poses, we were just seriously drunk with happiness.

last monday i started my six-week photography class with CAE. the first session was fun and very informative, most of what i know about photography has been basically rendered useless by our teacher hahaha. which is all good because i am now on the road to becoming an enlightened photographer hehehe. and did you know that a traditional camera’s film actually has 22 megapixels in it, so no matter how much you blow up your baby photos, they are never going to pixelate. amazing isn’t it? so now i understand how people can still remain purists when it comes to photography and stick with manual cameras.

i’ll close this post with my birthday photo. will you look at that cake, really, really decadent. that’s melanie’s gift =)



20 04 2006

The contract for the new adventure in the land of kangaroos has arrived in the mail. It came with a mousepad and two glass coasters. How lovely. I initially thought the coasters were mini mouse pads but then realized quickly that no mouse will fit them.

Earlier today a friend asked me how I feel right now, if I am experiencing any sadness, happines or anxiety. While contemplating his question I slowly began to realize that with the numerous things I need to do before I leave the company and, eventually Pinas, I don’t even have time to allow myself to go emo.

I thought I was going to spend my last days in the office in the same project but I was pulled out and transferred to another. And now I have a big deadline looming over my head. On top of fixing my bank account, credit card and mobile subcscription, organizing the company outing, looking for a decent apartment, researching on what laptop to get, and organizing mini-despedidas. I am actually losing sleep over them.

But I guess now would be the best time to practice what I learned in the only self-help book I let myself read. It says to simplify and prioritize things and not hold on to too much unessential burden. So now, whenever I find myself so tense and worried about all the things that need to be done, I just ask myself what it is I’m holding on to and if I really need to make matters complicated.

But I still don’t sleep well at night and I still worry that I won’t be able to finish everything on time hehehe.

Remember the boy with the erectile dysfunction? Well his behavior is much more manageable now. He’s one example of simplifying things and not letting unnecessary burdens get into me. Having him around was actually good for me because he kept me on my toes. So now I can say, I remember the boy but I don’t remember the feeling (of hate) anymore. And oh yeah, I got a phone call last sunday which also reminded me of this song. It’s amazing how much memories and emotions five months can erase from you.

you suck

7 04 2006

i need to vent.

i have never in my entire life as an events organizer encountered anyone as self-absorbed, paranoid, insensitive and anal-retentive as this prick i am dealing with for our company’s summer outing. i have been doing this for a long time and i have never heard anyone say that his motivation in making the event successful is the fact that HIS name is at stake. my mind cannot come up with any logical explanation for this kind of thinking. just because YOU sent the initial teaser, that automatically puts your name at stake? i always thought that when you organize events (for no fee), especially when they’re for people you care about, your main concern should be that they have the time of their lives during the event.

if he should ever read this i would like to tell him that:

yes, you are a prick.

yes, you are self-absorbed.

yes, you do not really care about what will happen to the people who’s going to attend the event.

yes, you are causing me unnecessary stress.

yes, you are taking the FUN element out of this organizing thing.

and yes, recruiting you was the worst mistake i have ever done in my entire career (if i can call it that) as an organizer.

and yes, in times of lucid intervals, the only explanation i can think of for your behavior is composed of two words.


running [an] apartment

29 03 2006

i have been looking at a couple of real estate websites since last week. im telling you, browsing for apartments is addicting. well for me it is because i have always had this inclination towards interior design and looking for apartments is in a way, reinforcing that interest. during senior year in high school, ID was the primary course i wanted to take but now it's just in my list of "things to do before i die."
i find the idea of living independently generally appealing, (except for the dishwashing and bathroom-cleaning part) because i will experience all the consequences of even the smallest decision i will make. i hope i find a decent studio with its own laundry, because i don't think i will enjoy washing my laundry in front of strangers, besides, i am anal when it comes to laundry that i need to soak the clothes 30 minutes prior to the actual washing. i don't want to make enemies out of my neighbors just because i take too long to finish my laundry.


faye showed me something that increased the odds of this plan pushing through so now i'm writing comfortably about it.


freedom day for me is on the 28th of April, that's less
than five weeks away.


finding this running website made my day. the site has information on places to run all over melbourne and the schedule of road races across the country. i am floored by the number of road races they hold, some even have different events every week! i wish the philippines would have a running subculture as alive and dedicated as this.