Home Sweet Home

20 11 2007

The thought finally dawned on me when I saw the two bulging luggages by my hotel room’s door. And then a smile slowly formed into my now chubbier cheeks… I was really heading home at last.


It’s good to be home.


At Last

13 06 2007

To everyone who threw good luck my way, thank you very much. Looks like your prayers and good wishes worked because we got the house ;P. Oh yes we got the house =).

I was salvaged from one major heartbreak. I’m so in love with the place it’s hard to describe the feeling. I just feel so at home inside it and the smell of the staircase going up reminds me of my nana’s house, a mixture of ylangylang and wood.

The long weekend was spent furniture shopping. We’ve got all the basics covered; beds, a sofa, an entertainment unit, a trunk to use as coffee table, a console table, a dining table, two dining chairs (we’re planning to scour second-hand shops to get the rest), a shoe cabinet, several bar stools, a bookcase, washer, dryer and fridge. All the furniture are made of wood because we wanted to stick with a rustic beach house theme. It’s been costly but it’s worth it. I haven’t seen the furniture in place yet because most of them will only be delivered this weekend but I can already imagine how they’ll all look together.

I love decorating it, I feel like I’m living out my interior designer dreams by furnishing this new house. And yes, I revere it that much that I won’t ever call it just an “apartment” but a “house.” A proper house.

Some people may consider buying a car, traveling abroad, renovating their bathroom (seriously!) or buying a piece of land as their first real grown-up achievement in life. Furnishing this house and designing it is mine. With heaps of help from Melanie of course.

Love is in the Air

28 05 2007

I’m in love!

I’m in love!

I’m in love!

I am hoping with all my heart that this works out. I have begun imagining how wonderful our days will be together. I know that life will be brighter and happier if we were beside each other.

I am praying so hard that this turns out well because if it doesn’t I’m sure it will go down in my life’s story as one of the greatest heartbreaks of all time.

Pray for me. Pray real hard.

Of course you do know that I’m talking about an apartment right?

We have finally found what we’ve long been looking for. It’s true what they say about real love, you will know the minute you see it.

That apartment is ours. It’s large, bright and airy. The many windows and high ceilings make you feel like you’re inside a rustic beach house. It makes my heart leap, giddy with joy. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face. And to top it all off, it’s in the same suburb as where we are now.

It satisfied all the items in our priority list save one, which was really minute, and fairly easy to compromise on. It’s not a new unit, the structure shows signs of aging but it has a lot of character and I am head over heels in love with it (hmm is this a revelation of my taste in men? hahaha).

We immediately lodged an application and put up an offer a couple of hours after the inspection.

Now we’re praying every five minutes that we get that apartment.

Choose your own title post

24 05 2007

I haven’t written in so long I don’t know how to start this one and I can’t even think of a nice title. Winter is only a couple of weeks away and the temperature is becoming nipping each day.

The short photography course I took finished last week with a night shoot. I was a delinquent student by missing two sessions, including the last one where we receive feedback on our images. I’m not blaming anyone for my absences and the lack of enthusiasm is exclusive to the class and not to photography in general. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to experience shooting a pre-nup because Roch and Ariz were kind enough to trust me to photograph them. Happiness.

My flatmate Melanie and myself still haven’t found an apartment but there’s no rush, I’ll pick it up once I have enough energy and a bit more time to spare.

Work-wise, I guess things are as good as they can get, I have nothing to comment on as there’s nothing happening that I haven’t already experienced before when I signed up for this. The project is winding down so I may find myself job hunting again in a few weeks. We’ll see.

On the personal front (what isn’t personal these days?), I’m generally happy and contented with how matters are going. I’ve realized there are games I really can’t play and there are games worth stopping while there’s still time. Of course there will always be things to complain about, but they’re not that significant and at the end of the day, I still genuinely thank whoever is listening out there for allowing me the blessings that I have now.

There, progress report complete. I want to finish this post by saying “have a good life everyone” but that would read so morbid. Hmm who cares.

Have a good life everyone ;P

good flat hunting

4 05 2007

I didn’t realize that apartment hunting can be emotionally taxing. So far melanie and myself have been on 6 different inspections (out here, the law requires the future tenant to inspect the property before signing the contract). 4 of those 6 were successful in that we actually got inside the unit and 2 we missed by 5 minutes, just 5 minutes. Imagine trekking all the way from the city and ringing the owner panting only to be told that the inspection finished 5 minutes ago…

To help us focus, I wrote down the things that we should prioritize and look for in a flat and stuck it on the fridge. Some units met half of the list, some didn’t even get to a third. We saw one unit today that we completely fell in love with, we sat for a long time on the large living area’s carpeted floor and stared at the view. The rooms were of equal sizes and both had great views of the city, the balcony was large enough to fit one table, a bbq grill and several comfy chairs. The kitchen had a counter which can double as extra table and seating and it was strategically placed. But truly, you can’t have everything, well not at the same time. The toilet was the only drawback but it was a huge drawback. It was separate from the bath and had no drain nor faucet. And if you’re Filipino, I know you will completely understand why that is a problem. It was a pretty hard decision not to apply for that unit, but man, the toilet would made our lives miserable.

We’re not rushing to move, and actually, if we’re going to be practical, there are a couple of decisions that we really should wait on before moving. We know that this wait will be worth it, that somewhere there’s a suburb that holds the perfect flat for us, with a large enough living area where we can put shelves to house the books that are currently strewn all over our cozy apartment, with its own laundry so we won’t have to schedule our wash days and collect one dollar coins like they were gold and with a properly placed toilet that will require no tabo and balde when there’s a need to go number 2 hehehe.

happy camper

20 04 2007

My flatmate Melanie and I have decided that it’s time to move to another apartment, one more grown-up and can fit more people so we can invite friends over for dinner and finally accept overnight guests. You see, a lot of our friends are planning to visit us this year and stay at our house for several nights, so it’s only right that we have a nice place to welcome them into. There’s honestly no major, practical reason to move but I can’t see any reason why we shouldn’t either. Life’s too short and last time I checked, being impractical wasn’t yet punishable by law. Plus, the excitement of decorating a new house from scratch would do us a lot of good and give us something to look forward to and first on the list is filling the new house with tons and tons of artwork from indie artists, Melanie included hehehe.

I can sense that a lot of positive and wonderful changes are about to happen soon =). Or maybe I’m just really good at deluding myself but in any case, I’m at a point where I can welcome any change coming my way with wide-open arms.

And for an important piece of news, Melanie is celebrating her birthday on Monday, I’m sure most of you know her and have the link to her blog, so batiin nyo na sya na maligayang kaarawan. Daliiii.