Dorks in love

29 08 2008

Portia says: i created a database called “portia”
Portia says: tanan
Big-D (Daniel) says: …
Big-D (Daniel) says: HOORAY!
Portia says: it’s for my review 🙂
Big-D (Daniel) says: now create one called Daniel and then create a DBLink 😛
Portia says: ahahaha

For the record,  this does not constitute dorky internet sex.

It’s when we use really erotic words like ‘flash recovery’ and ‘buffer cache’ that things get really hot.  Haha.


Never take life too seriously, it isn’t permanent.

15 10 2007

Wise words taken off some guy’s t-shirt.

unang poste

22 03 2006

well hello there world. first post. created this blog in preparation for a life-changing event that’ll take me to another place and away from most of the important people in my existence. figured this would be cheaper than telephone calls and more convenient than sending individual emails.