Dorks in love

29 08 2008

Portia says: i created a database called “portia”
Portia says: tanan
Big-D (Daniel) says: …
Big-D (Daniel) says: HOORAY!
Portia says: it’s for my review 🙂
Big-D (Daniel) says: now create one called Daniel and then create a DBLink 😛
Portia says: ahahaha

For the record,  this does not constitute dorky internet sex.

It’s when we use really erotic words like ‘flash recovery’ and ‘buffer cache’ that things get really hot.  Haha.



2 08 2008

I know the photo doesn’t go with the title but not everything has to make sense right? Not even the several emails I received today, all in Spanish, and all of which I’m supposed to decrypt to resolve a client’s issue. By the way I might be going to Mexico in 3 weeks for work. Hola! Como se llama usted? Donde esta en la biblioteca? Yo soy Portia, como estas?

Finally, I’ll be able to use the 6 units of Spanish I took back in uni… use all 6 units in saying hello, goodbye, asking where the library is and maybe saying I’m hungry? Yo tengo hambre! If I’m not mistaken. Yeah I’m excited, a new country to explore hooray. Except that I’m going away 2 weeks after D comes home from the US but it’s only for two weeks (hopefully) so I’m sure we will be fine.

There’s not much fresh news… let’s see, I celebrated my first year in the company, I have good friends in the office now, D is finally coming home for good, I’m still obsessed with cupcakes, I’m taking Latin Funk dance classes to keep myself busy, I’ve realigned my social life with the recent changes in my life, I still love my job, I’ve realized it’s much better to have a clear separation between my social and professional circles and I’m going flash/backpacking in China with D, Andre and Yun this October.

Oh wait a minute I do have a bit of good news, I am now officially an auntie to a boy called Adrien Bowen. I’m going to take credit for the elegant-sounding “Adrien,” feel free to pay out my brother for choosing such a strange name as Bowen. Of course my mother is over the moon with her new apo, when I asked her who the baby resembles, she said he’s got my brother’s eyes, his mum’s nose and my cheeks. Who knew you could trace a pair of cheeks to a person, have you ever heard anyone say “Awww… you’ve got your Auntie’s chubby cheeks.” Anyway he does kinda looks like me when I was a baby…

Ok that’s all I’ve got for now, I hope everybody’s doing well. Chao!

It’s hammertime!

9 06 2008

So the neighbor downstairs tried subtlety and placed a plumber’s business card outside our door with a note telling us to contact said plumber for the water hammer

Water what? Is that like a water pistol that squirts out water each time you hit something with it? Sorry but this is an alien concept to me. I may have grown up surrounded with two civil engineers in the family and one architect cousin but I have never encountered such terminology. Luckily Melanie googled the word before I was informed of the card-dropping incident.

Turns out it was the pressure surge related to pipelines, basta, it’s a tubero term.

Now I don’t generally like it when my Saturday mornings are ruined so my initial reaction was to let the bitch suffer more by showering at a much later time every night (months before, dear neighbor “suggested” we take showers before 10pm as noise caused by water hammer wakes them from their sleep, which I had no problem complying with). Anyway, before pushing through with my plan, I stopped and thought… what would Jesus do? Hahaha. Once again, I find myself laughing at my own joke… Or maybe just chuckling, I swear it sounded funny when I wrote this draft a couple of days ago…

Because I’m a good and gracious neighbor, I decided to call D who’s the guardian of rationality relative to me and who’s a landlord himself (how feudal!). He suggested I ask dear neighbor to call the owner directly or that I file a report for repair with the agent. Since I don’t trust my neighbor speaking directly with my agent (I’m good and gracious and smart!), I decided to file for a repair report instead. Tadan. I estimate the water hammer to be rectified in a year’s time or six months or whenever the rent’s about to increase and the agent desperately needs to be on our good side.

Oh well, that’s apartment living for you kids. I had a quick look at the rates these days and goodness are they expensive! I wonder how much I’ll have to pay for my own place when it’s time to move out and get a place of my own. I might have to move somewhere an hour away from the city to get a cheap place, anywhere except the suburbs. The suburb would kill me.

Blabbing now, stopping now. Catcha later.


Still can you imagine how funny it would be to call a plumber and ask him in a very husky voice if he’d like to come and fix your plumbing?

This post is not about possums…

5 06 2008


It’s been four weeks since I got back from Texas. Initially I didn’t want to write about it after I got back because I was too sad to reminisce. While the flight back to Melbourne was the shittiest and loneliest transatlantic flight I’ve ever had to take, it was also for a trip that was so memorable and special. I guess you could say it was bittersweet. Chenes chingkie mae chervalin chuva (try translating that at babel fish). But anyway I have recovered.

I definitely learned a couple of things about myself from the trip, I learned that… Love is patient; love is kind and envies no one. Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude; never selfish, not quick to take offense. HAHAHAHA. I’m funny. This just suddenly brings back memories of me doing the first reading at Melanie’s wedding so fast like I was being chased by a herd of possums. Can you imagine being chased by dozens of these creatures? Shiver. Yakididakdak. Seriously that’s how I motivate myself when I run around the beautiful but possum-friendly park that is Carlton Gardens.

So I learned that I’d like to take it slow relationship-wise and that I should stop watching too much rom coms. And hooray guess who’s celebrating their first anniversary? Uh huh. That’s right. Amazing isn’t it? We talked about what we’re going to give each other and set a limit of $200. I suggested we just donate to charity whatever amount it is we plan on spending but D argued that he’s already donating a monthly sum to an org which takes care of some species of animal (hopefully not possums). In short, shot down! And for the record I don’t hate possums so if you’re a lover of this animal, you can stop that hate mail you’re about to send me now. Going back, as gifts we also made a pact to never stop being weird, silly, crazy and quirky. He said that wouldn’t be a problem ’cause he’s way past the age to outgrow it. Good.


My best friend Abe and her husband paid me a visit a couple of weeks ago. It was surreal to have her standing outside my apartment ’cause I never imagined I’d see her here. But I did and I’m so thankful. Genuine friends definitely give you a different kind of high, and you never have to explain things to them because they get you and time passes by so quickly when you’re talking to them. I miss, miss my best friends.


And cupcakes are my new obsession. If we lived in the same city, you’d have a ration every monday from me ;P

Hello Y’all

2 05 2008

So I’ve been here almost a week and it’s been heaven and I mean that in a very wholesome way… even though we’re all adults here and very well know that couples can easily find more exciting things to do than play chess… but yes let’s keep it PG.

I told people including D that for this holiday, what I really want is to completely chill out and not worry about any itineraries nor feel compelled to visit any historic and cultural landmarks. So having said that any urge to be productive should be nipped in the bud right? Wrong. I wake up to brew coffee and prepare breakfast (because I want to be useful/productive), I do the dishes then the washing even if there are less than five articles of clothing in the laundry basket (again because I want to be useful/productive) then I go online and research historic and cultural landmarks (why? take a guess!). Then finally I shower and get ready for lunch with D and then get dropped off the shopping centres so I can tick things off my US shopping list. Apart from that, before I actually leave the house I check the cupboard in case we’re out of milk, special K or honey.

I did try to chill out and bum around last Monday but I nearly died of boredom, lying in bed the whole day watching the Style network and HGTV just isn’t my cup of tea. When D got home I immediately informed him that I’ve realised I won’t make a great housewife because waiting at home the whole day will drive me crazy.

But you know, even if I sound like I’m complaining, I really am not, I’m just hmm objectively describing the kind of chilling out I’ve been experiencing the past few days.

It really has been a wonderful week. I recovered from jet lag on my fourth day here hooray, turns out my boyfriend is better than any of the antidote I’ve read about over the net. I’ve met all his work friends and been part of the staff dinner of one of my company’s “friends” hehe. I’ve been to shopping heaven at Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx. And honestly, I don’t think anything can ruin my time here for the obvious reason that I’m with the person who can turn even the crappiest place into paradise for me. Ewww corny haha.

Pharida Was Here

23 04 2008

It’s almost half past midnight and I am nowhere near sleepy. And my laptop’s battery is showing no sign of draining up soon so I relented and decided to write here.

Pharida was indeed here, she stayed for four weeks can you imagine? I can and I’m still suffering from missing-mum sickness, tripled in intensity by PMS. It was very, very nice to finally show off Melbourne to her and give her a glimpse of how her brat of a daughter has done a total turn-around and become an independent expat. It was heaven to go shopping with her and walk my everyday route to the city with her by my side while discussing life, love, marriage (in subtle doses of course) and living-in (in teeny tiny, almost undetectable doses haha).

I took her around my ‘burb and we had Sunday brunch at Lygon, a rarely practiced tradition of Melanie and myself, we checked out the op shops in Collingwood, window shopped in Myer, introduced her to my old-school Italian tailor/sastre, visited NGV International, had lunch at one of my favorite Thai fast food, let her experience Nando’s heaven, and did a whole lot of other things.

Ok halfway through this post a message pops up in the lower right corner of my lappy warning me to save my work, switch to outlet power or be sorry.

It’s been two days since Mum left but I still miss her. Melanie and I even postponed watching season 7 of the Gilmore Girls because I’m still in a state too fragile to witness the mother and daughter moments in the show. I hope this vacation of hers becomes an annual thing, I could really use 4weeks’ worth of mothering every year. Maybe next year she can take Dad with her.

I hope everyone’s been good. I have a feeling one of my very best friends has gotten married without even hearing any congratulatory form of greeting from me. It’s because I was too preoccupied or scatterbrained to remember the exact date of her wedding so Abe if you’re reading this, best wishes and congrats! I hope to see you here soon, hopefully your Aussie visas have been ok’d by now.

Work has been very fulfilling, sometimes exhausting but I’m not complaining ’cause I love what I’m doing.  Oh hey did I just rhyme so well then?  Hehe.

I’m off to Texas this friday to see D, finally after nine weeks! If there’s one thing this long-distance setup has taught me, it is the virtue of patience and delayed gratification. I know it’s this friday but the past couple of days have been crawling at a snail’s pace just to spite me I think. Grrr.

Ok I hope everyone’s been doing good lately. Take care whoever you are reading this and please greet Melanie a very merry happy brithday! I think I really need to sleep now as it’s almost 1am and there’s still work tomorrow.

Shopping Shanghai, shooting shanghai, loving shanghai then leaving shanghai.

13 03 2008

I love shopping in Shanghai more than any other city I’ve ever visited as the city’s character extends into its retail culture. Haggling is of course better if you’re accompanied by a local as the stores will give you the “Chinese” price instead of the tourist price.

There is a sort of play to haggling here; after the storekeeper gives you her/his price you offer to pay only a third. If she/he doesn’t budge initially, turn around and walk away. Then count to five.

Sometimes you don’t even reach the number five without hearing the storekeeper yelling and running after you, displeased but nonetheless conceding to your offer.

Good shops abound in the Yuyuan Bazaar near the Old City God Temple and Yu Gardens in the Old Town, and the Shanghai Museum shop of course.


I am in love with this city and I think New York and Dumaguete have found a worthy rival with Shanghai. This city is definitely a photographer’s heaven and I don’t think I’ve ever visited any place gifted with this unique character and enriched with so much culture. Even my shopping finds have a quirkiness to them which make them very pretty to look at and photograph.

I’m not looking forward to going home this Friday. Melanie is going away to Japan and D is in the US so I don’t really have anything at the moment to anchor me to Melbourne. Plus the hustle and bustle of Shanghai and the warmth of its people remind me so much of Manila that I actually don’t feel like I’m thousand of miles away from the two places I’ve been calling home.

Work here has been so busy and sometimes I’m nearly burned out but it’s all good. It’s nothing I can’t handle and it’s a type of challenge that one should face once in a while to keep on improving… and to maybe reinforce to one’s self that patience is indeed a virtue. My workmates are brilliant, it’s just the language barrier that’s sometimes a tough thing to hurdle.

Oh well. Mum and my aunties are coming over on Easter Sunday so I have that to look forward to. So anyway, I really believe all good travelers should include Shanghai in their must-visit list, otherwise your travel life will never ever be complete. Lagot.